Fascial Work

With holistic stretching and acupressure exercises, coming from Yoga, Feldenkrais, Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the fascial system can be elongated and activated – to create a balance of body tension, flexibility, and detoxification.
Different tools from physiotherapy and facial work are used (f.e. Duo-Ball, Blackrolls, spiky ball, …).
Interrelations and signals of the body are explained and techniques for self-treatments are taught.

Fascial Work is recommended at tenseness, stress, chronic pain, arthrosis and after operations or accidents.


Monday 9.15 – 10.30
in Cornus, Mahlerstr.36, 13088 Berlin

Workshop dates under NEWS


Class: trial lesson 10€, 10-lesson-card 130€, reduced 110€, Drop-In 16€
One-to-one training: 30/60min 30€/55€, 5-lesson-card 30/60min 140/260€
Workshop: 2,5h 35€, Early Bird 30€