Julia Miglus

Körperarbeit. Therapie


cornus praxis, Gustav-Adolf-Str.159, 13086 Berlin
fon +49 173 2362366, mail info@julia-miglus.de


Since childhood I suffer from back pain.
When I went to physiotherapy to improve my posture in my mid twenties, I had no idea that this would lead my life to a new direction. After graduating in architecture and working several years in offices I took the decision to change into the healing profession – I have never regret this.
Since then I never stopped to learn about the interrelations in body work and therapy – and there are still some secrets left to discover.

Healing is a never ending process.
Through my work I want to give awareness for posture, movement, and relaxation –  and this way to show possibilities for a new balance.


holistic practitioner in physiotherapy, manual therapy, neuro-pediatric physiotherapy, Fascial Manipulation Stecco LI, Zert. Parietal / Craniosacral / Visceral Osteopathy
Pilates trainer (Polestar), fascial therapy trainer